Sunday, July 16, 2017

Clean up Ubuntu Server 16.04 after installation

Just want share my first todo after a fresh new Ubuntu Server 16.04 installation:
apt purge ubuntu-server ubuntu-minimal
apt purge lvm2 mdadm plymouth lxd lxcfs snapd open-iscsi
apt purge snap-confine snapd ubuntu-core-launcher
apt purge lxc-common liblxc1 vlan
apt purge grub-legacy-ec2 lxd-client btrfs-tools
apt purge xfsprogs

Remember check the file list before remove it if you are not sure what the package does:
dpkg -L

I do this on a VM, therefor:

1.No require of LVM, because I just using the bare EXT4 filesystem.
2.MDadm for raid, no need for a VM.
3.LXD and SNAP, I don't need run vms inside this VM.
4.grub-legacy-ec2 is for Amazon EC2, since this is a VMware VM it can be purge.

Only do these if you know what you are doing, run by your own risk.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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