Friday, December 2, 2016

check_mk ALL Hoststate down, check_icmp: Failed to obtain ICMP socket:Operation not permitted

I upgrade my production check_mk site to the latest 1.2.8p14.

Suddenly all Hosts shows down.

/opt# find . -name check_icmp

root@CHECK-MK:/opt# chmod u+s ./omd/versions/1.2.8p14.cre/lib/nagios/plugins/check_icmp
root@CHECK-MK:/opt# chmod u+s ./omd/versions/1.2.8p14.cre/share/check_mk/checks/check_icmp
root@CHECK-MK:/opt# chmod u+s ./omd/versions/1.2.8p14.cre/share/check_mk/checkman/check_icmp

Restart the site, everything back to normal.

This happens after I update check_mk to the latest stable Version: 1.2.8p14
Hope it helps.


  1. Had the same error.
    After update to 1.2.8p15, the problem vanished.

  2. Update from year 2020 to this oooold thread:

    Using 1.6.0p13 RAW with the official docker container. Also got the nopermission error and adding the fix from above solved this problem.