Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Increase SNMP ping Timeout Period for Check_MK

If you are monitoring external devices through SNMP like Netapp Storage, it may throw out alert when the Device is busy or the connect time out.

Put this in your main.mk file:
su - [OMDSiteName Example:] mds
vi ~/etc/check_mk/main.mk

snmp_timing = [
 ( {'retries': 2, 'timeout':30}, ["snmp"], ALL_HOSTS ),

Let check_mk server check 1 more time before it send alert after the first one fail.
The wait time out increase to 30 seconds.
These lines apply changes on all of your SNMP machines having the tag snmp.

To force checm_mk client and ping run second checking if first one fail, add these into ~/etc/check_mk/main.mk:
extra_service_conf['max_check_attempts'] = [
  ("2", ALL_HOSTS, "Check_MK"),
  ("3", ALL_HOSTS, "PING"),

Then restart OMD/Check_MK to make it works.
OMD[mds]:omd restart

To make all check_mk less sensitive:
extra_service_conf['max_check_attempts'] = [
  ("3", ALL_HOSTS, "PING"),

Reference: http://mathias-kettner.de/checkmk_configvars.html

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  1. By default the timeout is 5 seconds.