Friday, April 1, 2016

Force Citrix Receiver for Linux not in full screen

Follow the Citrix Receiver for Linux OEM’s Reference Guide

I changed 3 parameters to force Citrix Receiver not start Full Screen but 1024*768 windowed.

sed -i 's/UseFullScreen=\*/UseFullScreen=False/g' /etc/icaclient/config/All_Regions.ini
sed -i 's/DesiredHRES=\*/DesiredHRES=1024/g' /etc/icaclient/config/All_Regions.ini
sed -i 's/DesiredVRES=\*/DesiredVRES=768/g' /etc/icaclient/config/All_Regions.ini

Please notice if you already run the Citrix Receiver by local "User", you may have to change the file in the /home/USERNAME/.ICACLIENT/config/All_Regions.ini

sed -i 's/UseFullScreen=\*/UseFullScreen=False/g' ~/.ICACLIENT/config/All_Regions.ini
sed -i 's/DesiredHRES=\*/DesiredHRES=1024/g' ~/.ICACLIENT/config/All_Regions.ini
sed -i 's/DesiredVRES=\*/DesiredVRES=768/g' ~/.ICACLIENT/config/All_Regions.ini

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  1. AWESOME!!! Thanks for helping me remove such annoyance!!