Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Monitoring Windows Service with Check_MK

I have to Monitoring Windows Service with Check_MK.

The in-house windows application run as a service on Windows Server.

Sometime it crashed without any notification, just need monitoring it by Check_MK.

  1. Check the service name by cmk command:

  2. Run it from the OMD check_mk box:
    For my site:(mdsmonitor):

    /omd/sites/mdsmonitor/bin/cmk -d [Windows Host need to be monitor] |grep [Crasher_service]

    The output should be something like:

    Crasher_service running/auto mds_in_house_service

  3. Add service name into file:

  4. add 1 line into /opt/omd/sites/mdsmonitor/etc/check_mk/

    inventory_services = ['Crasher_service']

  5. Restart OMD to adapt the changes:

  6. su - mdsmonitor
    omd restart

  7. Re Scan the service on Host, add the new service from "Missing Services"


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