Thursday, January 21, 2016

Simple Docker UI cleanest Docker GUI

There must be lots of you out there using Docker and hate Docker Toolbox!

I have VMware Player installed on my Laptop, hosting a Docker VM I build by myself.

I also have few other Docker servers everywhere.

Just don't want install VirtualBox + Few other items in Docker Toolbox I don't need. But it just not an option! How crazy is that!

Here is what I tried:

1.Custom install Docker Toolbox:


I can accept 137.3 MB size, but force me install the VirtualBox and Docker Client and Docker Machine? Nonnnnn

2.I wen to Kitematic Github site, download the latest windows package.


How smart is that! I mean how much you (Docker) got paid from Oracle who try to push VirtualBox!

I don't hate VirtualBox, it's a great opensource production! Just not my type.

I highly recommend a Chrome App: [Simple Docker UI]

Which is only Size: 884KiB

Lunch the Apps, add my Docker VM and Docker Server into it ( You need to allow Remote API access from the Docker Server, which the Developer also put it on the Interface).


Super easy and quick, I can also run it from my ChromeBook.

This is exactly what I want!

And I'd like to share with all my friends.


Have a great day!

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