Friday, May 29, 2015

iRedMail 0.9.1 tweaks on Security MailDir Disalbe hash timestmp

Install iRedMail is Easy.

To make it even safer:

  1. Change the default vmail folder location.

  2. By default, iRedMail will create domain and Email folder at:
    To change this, you have to modify [/iRedMail-0.9.1/conf/vhosts] before the installation.

    # iRedMail Default
    global:export STORAGE_NODE='vmail1'
    # Lambert's Tweak
    global:export STORAGE_NODE='vhosts'

  3. Select only necessary package during installation.

  4. Move [iRedMail-0.9.1/config] to a safe place after after installation.

  5. Run [mysql_secure_installation] after installation.

  6. Most of iRedMail parameters in file: [/opt/www/iRedAdmin-0.4.2/libs/].
    Please put your custom settings in file: [/opt/www/iRedAdmin-0.4.2/], it will overwrite the [].
  7. To disable account/maildir hash:

  8. It is RECOMMEND by iRedMail for better performance. But that is only based on if you have a lots of Email accounts.
    If you only hold few Email account, it is really over killed.
    # by Lambert
    # - hashed:
    # - non-hashed:

  9. To disable account/maildir TIMESTAMP:

  10. It is RECOMMEND by iRedMail for safety reason. Because iRedMail does not delete the mailfolder when you del the account from Admin panel.
    They assuming a new user with same name could reade the previous account's Email.
    For me it is still over kill.
    # by Lambert
    # - hashed:
    # - non-hashed:

  11. To make the virtual user's maildir cleaner, remove MailDir/ from account Email folder:

  12. Tweak dovecot under iRedMail.
    Please notice, by default dovecot in iRedMail does not include /etc/dovecot/conf.d folder.
    So to make it clean, better just make changes in file: [dovecot.conf]

    # by Lambert
    #mail_location = maildir:/%Lh/Maildir/:INDEX=/%Lh/Maildir/
    # iRedMail default MailDir style:
    ## /var/vmail/vhosts/
    mail_location = maildir:/%Lh/:INDEX=/%Lh/
    # Lambert's tweak to make it cleaner
    ## /var/vmail/vhosts/

  13. Allow user to send email without authentication

  14. Reference: iRedMail docs: Allow user to send email without authentication

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