Friday, July 18, 2014

Take Responsibility

  • How the story began

About 4 weeks ago, I accept an emergency project has to be available within very short time period.

I looking at it, and feel the rough time would be around a week.

I always try to hit the deadline, and most of the time I can make it.

So I told the client we will try to make it, but I can not guarantee it.

  • Things happens

  1. Then we start doing it, found there is more things need to do to bring a "Usable" product. So I called the client info them, we will need longer time.

  2. My partner has a Family emergency.

  3. My my 10 months Daughter went into Emergency.

  4. The request is totally unclear.

  5. Can not access Client's API port because poor support.

  6. Can not get test Domain/Email from Client because they are super busy.

  • Client upset after 3 weeks with nothing

  • My Actions:

  1. I call client during the next few days, serials apology.

  2. I did not charge any money to Client.

  3. I pay my Developer's money from my Personal Bank Account.

  4. I try my best to push the project to finish it.

  • What I learned:

  1. Always take Responsibility. It is hard and tough, but I feel great at the end.

  2. Requirement Analysis is one of the most important task for any project.

  3. Leave yourself 4 times for the developer at least.

  4. Something a direct phone call worth 100 emails.

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